After a recent research we have realized that there is currently more than 500 functional online bingo real money pay to play websites and more than 5000 online bingo portals of various quality online; We’ve asked ourselves were is this going at the end of the day? There are currently tens of thousands of online bingo affiliates competing against each other with website rankings in order to achieve getting the clicks from search engines in order to sign up the same player pool by using similar marketing techniques to provide the same boring offers; has anyone asked the question where this will lead?

Online bingo site traffic has become more or less dependant on search engine rankings as creating brand recognition through mass media like TV or other forms of advertising is simply too much of an expensive sport for site owners if you take in to consideration that 80% of the sites online belong to the same networks making them white label websites. What this means? Well the owner of the site doesn’t really make much of an income as most of the money ends up in the hosting networks pocket and nowadays with the amount of bingo bonuses given during sign up and deposit by sites to keep up with the increasing competition there is not much of a profit left is there?

For those new to web marketing and the internet in general the acronym SEO stand for the words Search Engine Optimization which in simple terms means optimizing a website in order for the website to communicate better with search engine spiders and therefore rank highly on popular engines like or Its clearer than clear that the struggle of new websites to claim their position in this industry which some consider to be a niche where mathematically it is not is just a perfect opportunity for the player and nodoby else as player have the opportunity to trial a number of online bingo sites before they deposit and additionally players have the choice to earn more with less. Surely this war will soon come to an end as it will surely lead to a non profitable battle which companies launching new websites have got caught in so although we do recommend players to try and trial new sites with the no deposit bingo bonuses we also highlight that its best to stick with big and trusted sites which are here to last and will make sure that payout ratios are set normally on there side games and pots are paid on time on the bingo games.

As far as players from the US are concerned this above mentioned bingo war unfortunately applies vice versa for them as American bingo players are witnessing the hardest period from the conception of internet bingo to find a website that will accept them to place funds and play bingo for money. Why? Well since the introduction of the UIGEA back in 2006 it seems to be the hardest period operators that have continued accepting US players are facing as credit card processing systems are just no more accepting credit cards issued in the US. This is just leading to a total chaos with site trying to accommodate players with alternative deposit methods and even some times taking the risk of adopting credit card processors which do not guarantee that the operator will receive his money although he will have the obligation to pay the player for winnings.

The US bingo sites chapter is an enormous one and we might be able to bring that up in a post further on but it is surely becoming a troublesome chapter for bingo online in the US. Last and best we would like to bring up the scenario of what is to happen if the US market opens as expected till the end of the year. Can you imagine what will happen if the US market opens? Well the best is yet to come; As the senior editor I rarely post on the column but as the concerns regarding this industry are growing I decided to share part of the discussion with our audience. Always play responsibly and if you live in the US make sure to enroll in bingo play only with recommended US bingo sites.

This news post was written by Christian on July 1, 2010