You all know if you play online bingo that the welcome bonus is a huge thing. It gives you a chance to earn more money by just opening up an account and placing money on it. Well 888 Ladies is having a new way to offer those people who not members yet a great chance to get some free money on their accounts. Not only do they give you 5 pounds free that you can use, with no deposit required, but there is plenty more. This 5 pounds you can use to test out the site and see if you feel it will be worth your time to join. Since they have many fabulous offers you like most people who head there will decide to place money on an account and be able to head there to play for many chances to win, and great online bingo promotions.

So if you find out that you simply can’t do without joining this site you will receive more money. This will happen after you’ve placed some of your own money on that account though. The minimum amount that they allow for a deposit is 10 pounds. But after you place that on your account, you will get another 20 pounds from them for free. Use it to play all those games that you’ve found you love. So that is 25 total pounds you would have gotten from this site!

Just keep in mind that this money that you get for free from them is something that you will need to use on their site. You will not be able to withdraw that money and use it in another way. But you will have plenty of fun playing a lot of games at 888 ladies bingo!

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on June 7, 2010