A family was going to head out for a cruise that would last seven nights; it was one that was a great chance to celebrate something great. See one of the members had just recovered from a heart attack, and when Michael Klopocinski and his family headed to this cruise it was to celebrate that fact. That and just to have fun in the process, but they bought a bingo ticket that cost only 15 GBP. They won and with this win the cruise got so much better.

Instead of the room they had booked it was upgraded and their stay would now be in the Royal Suite. A Royal Suite is a fabulous upgrade; we are talking about a room with two balconies, and even a whirlpool bath. Plus you can’t forget that this room has its own bar and a grand piano even. Michael and his wife Maureen had saved up their money for this cruise that would amount to a total of 1,300 pounds that they would pay. Along with them they had Maureen’s father and a niece of the family that would set out to enjoy the fun and the cruise.

It was two days after they headed out that Maureen would sit down for that game of bingo that would change their cruise. She won an upgrade that totaled 1,400 in winnings! As the game progressed she said that they had all the people who had only one number left stand up, and there were a lot of people. She was waiting for 37 to be called, and needless to say when it happened she screamed quite loud!

With this story it just goes to show you that a simple game of bingo can add up to a lot even on a cruise!

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on May 20, 2010