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Christian Anthony has been affiliated with the online bingo community since early 2001 as he has worked at a number of successful online bingo networks in marketing, sales and even in customer support. Christian has been recruited to monitor all content, structure and articles posted in the pages of rainbowbingo.com. All content, creatives, offers and other promotional material posted on any of the pages of rainbowbingo.com is reviewed and if needed edited by Christian Anthony.

Authors and Contributors

Christy Tanner is one of the head contributors to the news section of rainbowbingo.com as she is a fanatic of online bingo games. Christy was recruited as a news writer at our network earlier in the year but recently she has found interest in posting upcoming news and promotions for fellow bingo players which can be posted on the news column of rainbowbingo.com

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Tracey Trevors as most bingo writers has evolved to be an online bingo writer after many years of association with the online bingo industry as firstly a player and secondly as a chat master at a number of online bingo networks. Together with Christy Tanner they are the writers authors in charge of providing newsworthy and quality content for inclusion in the pages of rainbowbingo.com

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John Michael is our head webmaster, as he undertakes the responsibility in building and creating the new pages posted on rainbowbingo.com. John has solid knowledge of HTML, php, css styling and Java script. He is the person in charge of taking care of all issues related to programming, updating and providing mechanisms behind the smooth operation of the site.


Peter Greenstein is our designer, he is the man providing the designs and creatives which our readers enjoy. Together with our partners he takes care of creating, designing and cutting creatives which are used by our webmaster for structuring and updating the site and maintaining it up to date in terms of trends.

We are open to applications for new bingo writers or contributors to the news column; if you are interested in becoming a memebr of our team please contact us. An administrator will be contacting you within 24 hours to discuss possibilities of joinig our team.

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