Nobody likes to be an April fool, but at Tasty Bingo, it could pay off big time. In case you didn’t know, Tasty Bingo is part of the Joy of Bingo Network along with Wink, Posh and Red Bus Bingo. Here’s what they are doing this year: there are four mystery jackpots to be won on each of these sites on April Fools’ Day. The first game is playing at Tasty Bingo at 7 PM, and then it moves to a different Joy of Bingo site every hour. Buy cards across all four to increase your chances of winning. The mystery jackpot is only going to get revealed once it is won – it’s fun, it’s cheeky, and it’s the best way to play bingo online. Cards only cost a penny at Tasty and Red Bus Bingo, and 2p at Posh and Wink.

Spring is here, and if you want a pick me up, then you need to leap to the top of the leaderboard at Tasty Bingo in this delightful cash tournament. Bingo on the butterfly flower pattern to win 20 points, or earn extra points every time you wager on bingo and instant games. If you want to win real cash prizes and joy points, then this is the spring spectacular tournament you.

Not only do Tasty Bingo double your deposit when you put down between £5 and £100 when you register, they send you a delicious free gift to get your teeth sunk into. It might be a scrumptious box of Belgian chocolates, a bottle of delicious red wine or a tasty cash sum. Whatever it is, you will be smiling like the cat that got the cream from the moment you sign up at Tasty Bingo.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on March 24, 2011