Letting you in ahead of time on a great online bingo promotion that is coming up very shortly at Wink Bingo. It’s the May Day event and it’s one that you shouldn’t miss out on. May is a great month, the days are getting nicer and it is getting very close to summer time at this point. No more will you need to be stuck inside while the snow is coming down. But you will surely want to break out of the house and go and enjoy the new flowers and everything else that happens with spring.

Though almighty UK bingo site Wink Bingo is giving you a great way to celebrate the new month and new season that is coming. This game will be played again on May Day, and that is May 3rd so being ready. You can buy your tickets right now for this promotion too; they are only a mere 24 pence per card. So buy as many as you can afford and be part of a game that will have 1,000 GBP up to win.

A great value for your money and one again that you should try and be part of. So be ready for the beginning of spring and be at Wink on May Day to help celebrate. Of course if you have plans buy those tickets now so you can be part of the fun even if you are out doing something else.

Wink Bingo helping you bring in the spring with a possible big win that can have you buying all sorts of new items for the home! Again the day is May 3rd getting your tickets now they are only 25 pence each, so this is a great value to play.

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This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on April 30, 2010