Sure you may love to play bingo on your own, but when you join up as a team at Crown Bingo you can win big. Getting 500 GBP cash could be worth that team playing! Plus they have so many other offers that you can do by yourself when you play at Crown Bingo. Like the fact that when you place on 10 pounds to your account, they are going to add 25 pounds free of charge!

And you can get some free bingo too, and that penny bingo that goes on each Monday and takes place all day long. Or what about some other value bingo games and that fun quiz night that you can take part in? So much is to be offered when you play at Crown Bingo it is really hard to list it all.

Who can beat that welcome bonus to start out with; I mean you only need to put up 10 pounds of your own money. After that the people at Crown are going to place in 25 pounds for you. It’s free and you do nothing but place that first deposit on your account!

You can get something even if you don’t place money on an account. That’s right you get that 1 pound free to play. Sure it may not seem like a lot, but what if you hit for a nice big jackpot with that money? Not so bad after that is it?

Because it’s happened in the past and will happen again too, following are just a few examples of people who have won with that 1 pound they got free. Galandrath1 got 50 pounds that they were able to withdraw from the account. While Maniac1965 got 80 pounds, they were able to take that money out too. While two other players who won were R. Lonergan who got 90 pounds, and finally Hollywood29 who won and withdraw a wonderful 200 pounds!

So when you think that free offer isn’t a big deal, you now know how big of a deal it can be! But there is still more to offer at Crown Bingo so go right now and check it out for yourself. See all those wonderful offers they have going on and play as a team or by yourself!

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This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on May 31, 2010