From now until June 27th Jackpot Joy Bingo would be a great place to play bingo online. You can do the whole play, collect and win promotion that is currently going on. It’s a football themed game, because well it’s World Cup time right now. Simple enough there are a lot of these World Cup themed games that are being played at all the online bingo places. This one is just as good if not better than those other choices you have though. Pick a team that you want to cheer for and play. You earn flags when you bet money on games. Spend at least 20 GBP and you can get a flag. While those who spend at least 30 pounds will be earning two flags. When you get a set of flags you will be able to play for guaranteed pots of money.

When you do get a set of those flags be ready to answer what team you think will win the whole World Cup. If you get four of those teams right and you’ve earned 32 flags you can split 5,000 GBP. That means that they will be giving away quite a bit of money for this offer.

Don’t forget that coming up soon will be the Big Money Friday game. This time there will be like normal three games that will be going on and 14,000 GBP that will be up for people to win. You also have those regular offers of penny bingo, BOGOF Bingo and so many other fabulous games that take place all the time at Jackpot Joy. Get there today and start collecting those flags for the World Cup teams. And play free bingo or bargain bingo as well.

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This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on June 8, 2010