Love that site 888ladies bingo? If you do you already know about this fabulous game that will soon be taking place. But if you are not a member yet, you should join now so you have a chance to play bingo in this game. It will be a game that you can win each week, and it’s a drawing too. The offer is one that will have a person win 25,000 GBP! See each day at 888ladies there is a total of eight games that will be in the amount of 888 GBP.

The first person who gets the card completed will win that amount. However, once a week the rules all change and this is where the new offer comes in. That is when the person who completes the card first will have a chance to win 25,000 GBP. What a fabulous promotion and one that surely will have many new players heading over to find out what is happening at 888ladies.

You also have some free bingo that happens each hour so be sure to check out all the great things that happen each day at 888ladies Bingo. And they offer many other promotions that happen on a daily basis. Head over and be sure to check out the online bingo promotions page and everything else you can find at this great online bingo site. You can earn a match of 150 percent on your first deposit that you make on an account at 888ladies. Plus they have a fabulous offer where you can get a match on all those other reload deposits that you make. Get 50 percent on those other deposits that you make after you first one. Refer a friend and earn more money that way too.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on April 14, 2010