Bingo GalaIt’s always great to talk about another person who’s won a nice amount of money. Today I get to do that again by talking about the latest winner at Bingo Gala. This person who resides in the United States in Oklahoma is the latest person to hit it big when playing the slots located at Bingo Gala. The person who goes by the name “necbonesmacker” has been a member of Bingo Gala since February of 2008. It was a huge surprise to her when she hit for the jackpot. She stated that the only thing that came to mind was “Oh My God!”

She plays online bingo because it’s easy to do and she can play at home and not have to worry about people smoking around her. Plus the fact that she gets to play anytime of the day she wants too. The favorite game of this winner is that of Fair & Square and she also loves to play half price bingo. Planning to use the money to give her and her husband a chance to enjoy a honeymoon and pay some bills. She wanted everyone to know that they do have a chance to win so keep trying and never give up.

Fabulous news that everyone should really enjoy, because next time it could be your name that comes up and we will be writing about your winnings!
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This news post was written by Christy Tanner on January 5, 2010