This has got to be one of my favorite things to do when I look out there for bingo news. Reporting the big winners that happen all the time; for amounts that sometimes may just be enough to pay the bills that are piling up. To those times when the amount is something that will most likely change how a person lives the rest of their lives. It is something that is absolutely fabulous to do, and well simply put I love doing this. This time the big winner happened at Gala Bingo and it was during the Cash Climber. Jimmy96 is the alias of the person who won this time. And well let’s just say with the amount that he won it will be a great year for him and his family. Pulling in a total of 90,595 GBP, we are thrilled to report this great win! There are so many places that have great chances for people to win these amounts, that well it is awesome to report about it. There are tons of ways that you can take a chance of winning games at Gala Bingo. Whether you play 90, 75, or 80 ball bingo games or something else.

You can actually play bingo slots or even take a shot with one of those scratch cards that can see an instant win. It just doesn’t matter you have a ton of choices when it comes to the games offered at Gala Bingo. This win actually took place this last year, but it is a great story, because the money is there again for someone to win. Check out the Cash Climber game at Gala Bingo. Perhaps this time it will be your name that will be seen in our article. Talking about that surprise that you felt when you won all the money. Or how you feel that playing at the site is one of the best ideas you have ever had.

This news post was written by Christy Tanner on February 23, 2010