ladbrokes-bingoJust recently a big win happened at Ladbrokes bingo and it was one of those that was not just big, but huge! It came to “thebrownbear” when she was playing the mini slot game called the Snow Queen. Placing a wager that only amounted to 30 pence and she took away the huge progressive win of 156,105 GBP! Needless to say that is one of the biggest wins lately and a great one for this lucky player. She is simply in a state of shock still, and well many people would be! Not really positive as to what the money will go to as of yet, since it hasn’t fully sunk in that the money is all hers! But possibly thinking of spending the money on a holiday. Now that is a great idea and one that this player really deserves!

Just going to show you that those mini games are one of the best ideas of something to play. Sure we all know that you love to play bingo, but those side games and other choices are there for a reason. Many people think often times these games are only there as another way for the bingo site to take your money. But this shows you just how much one can win if they try these games. Sure it doesn’t happen all the time, but once and that is enough. Because this amount of money is something that you could do a lot with!

You’ll find those mini games in the lobby as the bingo games are being played. So next time instead of passing them over, why not wager a bit of money and see what happens. It has happened before and could happen again. Just like the win that happened earlier in the year when “xxali90xx” took away 51,000 GBP with the mini game Pirates Plunder! Or even another example is when “abbmate44” won playing Lucky Ladies 88 and took away 90,000 GBP!

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on June 23, 2010