If you have a Facebook account you know how many people are on this social networking giant. Not only that but they have many things that you can play on their absolutely free applications. There are many that will offer you a way to run a farm, play poker, or many other things available. Including some new games that are being beta tested as you read this, Bingo Garden is that new application and you may want to go and add it.

Those games will also offer you a little story behind the game, and you will have to do quests and all that too. You’re going to have to help those Gnomes build their city, and defeat those villains on the game. One you will see many times will be Creeping Charlie. It’s also a fun way to be able to play bingo and meet people online.

It’s a fun story behind it, and soon it will be like all those other popular games that are free to play. So why not get on Facebook and check out this game now, while it’s in Beta Testing. You may be able to help the developers of the game in making the right corrections to have an application that will be just as hot as Frontierville.

The world of social networking has added in some great things for you to do while you are bored, or during a quick break time at work. As you are playing this new game you can help them make those changes that will turn it into a very popular game.

So check out Bingo Garden right now on Facebook and try it out, be one of the first members of this new game that is being offered on this site.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on August 16, 2011