One problem that many people get upset about is the cards that people can buy for online bingo games. Getting into a room where you can only afford a few cards and playing against another person who has a lot more cards. Well it just doesn’t really seem like you have a good chance against them. It is for this reason that Bingo Hollywood has created the new room, fair and square. It is a fabulous way to make those odds equal for all who are playing in this room. So instead of feeling like you are outnumbered and just can’t compete you now can. The same number of cards for each player will be the main aspect of this room.

A limited number of online bingo cards that each person will be allowed to play that is why it is called fair and square. All players are going to have the same chance and this room will open each day at 6 pm. So if you want to play a fair game this is the perfect spot for you to play at!

Bingo Hollywood is tweaking their online bingo site and making changes to the site all the time. Adding in more games and rooms to help accommodate all the players they have coming in. Of course if you haven’t been there yet you haven’t had the joy of getting that deposit match of 300 percent on your first deposit. They also offer the 75 percent bonus that will happen when you make other deposits on your account.

What about those no deposit bingo games they have in their bingo rooms too? There is some really fabulous promotions that you will find at Bingo Hollywood. Due to the offers they have other sites have made some changes in what they offer for their deposit bonuses too.

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This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on May 31, 2010