Bingo Magix may not be an online bingo site that you’ve been to yet, but you should stop over and check them out. They have made some great additions to the games that are on their site, plus they have some really cool bingo promotions that you can find; promotions that will have you winning money, and that is always a great thing! They have the Easter bonus round going on right now and it is a way that you will be able to earn either points or cash. All you need to do is place a deposit of at least 25 pounds or over and you can have a shot at winning some prizes.

Or earn those extra loyalty points in yet another way; all you have to do is look for those patterns that spell out SPRING on the 75 ball bingo games. For each letter you can get 2 points each, when you have 20 points saved up you get cash, and you will get 20 GBP. But the more points you collect the more money you can get. Like saving up to 50 points will get you not only the 50 GBP, but you will get a bingo bonus of another 10 GBP on top of that. So you can see that you may want to keep those points adding up over time. The bonus that you receive gets to be more as you collect and turn in more points. 100 points will get you not only the 100 pounds, but you get another 50 pounds too. Not a bad deal at all for adding up those points. The top 10 players over the month who have the most points get another special offer too. They will be playing for 1,000 GBP in real cash. But you need to keep in mind that a deposit must be placed on your account each week you play this bingo promotion, and in the amount of 50 GBP. If you do not do that you can only collect 20 points at one time.

If you live in the UK, you can join to play in GBP; if you live in the US, Canada or Australia you can join by signing up here. Both sign up links have a bingo bonus attached to them; players from the UK will be enhanced to claim £15 free where players from other regions will have the opportunity to claim $20 free.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on March 17, 2010