Jackpot FiestaThe world of bingo online is one that is very competitive, if you’re not at the top of your game and offer the best deals you will be shut down before you’ve had a chance. In the case of Playtech it wasn’t really being shut down quickly, but a matter of time. They had been around for a while, but many of the sites that had used them in the past were opting to use other software platforms instead.

Because of this it was no longer possible for them to continue operating. The few sites that didn’t switch are closing down. We reported that earlier this week if you remember the two that are going under will be Bingo day and Titan Bingo. Ruby Bingo that had been using Playtech in the past has jumped ship and headed over to Virtue Fushion to match their sister site William Hill.

This is something that has caught many people by surprise, not only the bingo affiliates but the players who where one the many bingo sites, including the two that are closing. So now it seems that there will only be two big powers to the software platforms that different bingo sites will be able to use. Those will be Virtue Fusion and Microgamming.

It’s such a competitive industry that it’s really odd that Microgaming hasn’t put in a lot of effort to promoting their bingo, well not as of yet anyway. But that may change with this news of Playtech going out of business. Perhaps they will step up the game and the two will battle it out and offer online bingo players great changes.
Still it is sad to see any place go out of business so goodbye to Playtech you did a great job while you were around.

New Slots at Virgin Bingo

Last week the site of Virgin Bingo added a new slot games that is in a Hawaiian theme. The Big Kahuna slots are your shot to have a lot of fun and win money too. It is a five reel slot with 9 pay lines and there are even two bonus games as well. Over all two jackpots are offered and they are worth 8000 or 1000 coins. The most that you can place on this slot is 45 coins and there are a total of forty one ways that you may be able to win!

The symbols that are played range from a monkey, the logo for Big Kahuna, a mask, lizard, tropical fruits of many kinds, a volcano, and the Native big Chief. It’s a very colorful game and the graphics add to it greatly.

In order to get to one of the two bonus games there will have to be either three of the same symbols come up of either that mask or a volcano. If the volcano is the symbol you get three or more of you will get a chance to pick a fruit that you can feed to that volcano. If you pick a good one you will be able to not only win a prize but make the volcano quite happy.

While the game that will come up when the mask symbols are three are more is to pick a right mask to see what you win. You do have to pick the right one to win the prize, but if you pick the wrong one you will get a consolation amount. You can check it out for yourself and maybe win some great prizes. Also be sure to check out all the other promotions and games offered at Virgin Bingo!

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on November 8, 2010