This is something that will work for people who are even already members of the Virgin Bingo site. But if you are not playing at Virgin Bingo you should check it out and see why so many people already love this wonderful online site. A simple way that you will be able to get free money on your account, new or old member both!

It’s something that is so easy that you may have missed out on it before. All you do is sign into your account if you are already a member and go to any bingo room. Check out the favorites tab where you will find those slot games at. Here you are going to find the offer for a scratch card game that is called Necker Island. That is what you need to click on its free and will cost you absolutely nothing to play.

You can play this once a day and you will win money for free. Much like playing free online bingo and winning the jackpot. The amount you get may differ each day and it may not always be something really huge that you win either. Perhaps you may only win 10 p on a card, but it’s not costing you anything to play so anything you win is great. Do this each day and it will add up over time perhaps by the end of the week you will have won more than 2 pounds or so.

Though you may not win at all when you play this free game it is always worth the chance to play it. Check out this scratch card again at Virgin Bingo, it’s called Necker Island and will be your way to free money!

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This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on April 29, 2010