Bingo bonuses are always something nice to have. In fact they could be one of the main reasons that you pick some of the online bingo sites that you do. So to help you out here is a way to get some more bingo bonuses on your money. It’s offered at 888Bingo so get ready to play on a fabulous site. Each day you have fabulous promotions that have you with a chance to win money and prizes. If you haven’t seen it yet head over to Centenary club, there is a daily jackpot that you will be able to play for in this room at 100 GBP. It happens each day at 8:45 pm.

Buying tickets ahead of time is always a good idea, especially when you are trying for a huge amount of money. This is something that you should look into buying tickets before the games happen. The offer is 888 Bingo’s games that are played Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays. The game is for a million pound coverall chance.

But so much more can be found than just this when you head over to this online bingo site. Like those Tuesday games for the Wheel Deal 90 ball games. Up for grabs is a 500 GBP guaranteed amount.

Mondays are the perfect relief day for happy hour time and spending less money. From 4 until 6 pm you have double loyalty points that you can earn. So much to offer you and we can’t forget that on your first deposit you will be able to get a free bonus of 100 percent. But one of the best things is that each deposit you place will get you a 50 percent match! What a wonderful deal and so many fabulous promotions that happen each day!

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888Bingo is a sister site to 888Ladies and a member of the 888 Gaming Brand which is the host of pioneering online casino brand 888 Casino On Net.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on April 8, 2010