Nothing is better than getting flowers right? Well cash is nice, but this promotion is all about the flowers that Ruby Bingo will give you.

Going on for a little longer, until April 15th, so you still have a few days to join in the Easter egg hunt that is going on right now at Ruby Bingo. If you find all the eggs they have hidden you will be able to get a supply for 12 months of flower bouquets. Not a bad deal at all, and it is something that you can use in any way you want. A perfect gift for someone special one of those months!

You do need to be a member of Ruby Bingo and be playing bingo to participate in this offer or course. Each hour at 18 minutes after you need to pay attention and play that Easter egg hunt game that is offered. Find the different eggs and earn points. Points are earned buy getting a bingo on full house. Offered in the 90 ball rooms you can get three points if you have a pink egg, yellow eggs will give you two points, while a blue egg will earn you one point.

You still have points that you can win by heading over to the Cloud Nine room too. Play that pattern game and you will be able to possibly get a Golden Egg that will earn you 10 points. While other promotions that you can play are Keno, Pick 6, and Lotto 7.

You will know what color of egg will be up when the chat masters let you know each hour. The person who has the most points by the 15th will be the winner of those flowers. So head on over and earn your points right now. You can buy tickets ahead of time for those games too.

Oh people who come in after first place will also be getting some prizes. The second place person will be getting 100 GBP worth of BBs. While third place will be getting 75 pounds in BBs, and fourth will receive 50 BBs, and fifth place will earn 30 pounds in BBs. All the way down to the person who comes in 30th will be getting some prize. So get over to Ruby Bingo now and start playing bingo while you still have a shot at earning these points.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on April 8, 2010