It’s time to take a look see what’s washed up on the Bingo Tide this week — hopefully it’s a treasure chest full of money and exciting promotions. Well — you know the gang at Bingo Tide, it wouldn’t be anything less.

Currently this month at Bingo Tide is a fantastic promotion called the Bingo A-Z with a fantastic prize lineup including kitchen gadgets, home wear, cameras, and even baking sets. Nice. You’ll be able to kit out your house in style if you get lucky here.

Also, look out for the Powerball games — this is your chance to win a tasty $100 bonus, and the Powerball grows by one dollar each game until it is won.

Bingo Tide is at its most lively and buzzing every Friday, where you can play for huge a $500 coverall, guaranteed. With 75 ball bingo, keno, casino games, pull tabs, and video poker, there really is no other place to play bingo online.

One of the things we find particularly special about Bingo Tide is their video tutorials. It’s easy to forget that not everybody has played bingo online before, so these handy little video tips really help you get to grips with the game very quickly.

So, are we ready to sail off into the sunset to meet the salty sea dogs of Bingo Tide? Of course we are. Register today for your $30 bonus, plus a 500% bonus match. The tide has turned against all of the other bingo sites, so let’s get there now to splash around, hopefully in thousands of dollars.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on February 17, 2011