As the whole world is tickled with pink this valentines 123 bingo online is getting spruced up in the shades of pinks and reds thus celebrating the colors of love, words of affection and emotions of heart. The popular US facing online bingo site is giving you the opportunity to bring your valentine to the special ‘Cupid’s Corner Bingo Room’ on 123bingoonline to dance to the tunes of heart on the ‘Valentine Prom Night’ and share lovely bonuses. At the same time you can reveal the mysteries of love on their ‘Romantic Mumble-Jumble’. If your valentine is not on 123bingoonline, invite them to participate in the grand valentine fiesta and enjoy stunning bonus treats for referring them to the website. Then together celebrate the colors of love on the ‘Rubik’s Bingo Cube’ and win amazing rewards. Just pick up your color of love from Blue, Red, White, Green, and Yellow and bingo on the selected color for 9 times in a week.

When it’s about love it’s certainly about roses and henceforth, thorns are the odd-ones-out on this occasion of love. Bingo on the even numbers and collect the maximum roses before the thorns prick you and win incredible rewards. How about getting struck by 123bingoonline’s ‘Cupid’s Arrow of Love’ and win huge guaranteed rewards. Plus, you can add some stirring action to your love life by rolling the dice to spin sizable rewards. After all this, don’t forget to unlock their ‘Treasure Trove Raffle’ to unravel the clusters of cash rewards. Take a dip into the 123 Bingo valentine’s delights douched with lots of love this month and have a bingolicious Valentine’s Day!

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on February 11, 2010