In looking around for new sites that are coming soon we found out about Butlers Bingo that will be gracing the online world soon. Sure you may feel you have plenty of choices right now when it comes to online bingo. But you always can do with new bingo offers and online bingo promotions from a new site that is trying to earn your loyalty. Plus it shows just how good the online industry is going right now too!

This site is going to be one that will be offered exclusively in Ireland and the UK. They are finishing up some final touches and waiting to get the rest of the licensing aspects down to launch.

They plan to use Microgaming software to run the site and that is one that you may have used before. This is the same software that you will find at such places as Giggle Bingo and even Dream Bingo. The software is top of the line and will offer plenty of fabulous graphics and the promotions are sure to be great too.

Picture the look of the first page that has a butler who looks like a cross between Terry Thomas, more the cad, and David Niven the upstanding debonair choice. But that could all change before the final release. But it should be a great one that will have online players faced with many more choices when it comes to great bonus deals and so much more.

It is said that this site will have some fabulous offers for prizes and the bonus offers that they plan to give out. Plus there will be plenty of bingo, scratch card games, and casino games to play. So get ready to learn more about this upcoming site as they get closer to launching. Read more about Butlers Bingo.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on May 10, 2010