meccaCasino Slots may not be your favorite game, but you should take a chance and play this fantastic bingo slot game at Mecca Bingo.  A five reel game that has 25 pay lines and it’s all based on Spiderman!  So if you’re a huge comic fan get on over now and check out this bingo slot game. You have many options of money that you can bet on this slot and it ranges all over the place from 1p all the way up to 125 GBP for the maximum bet amount.  With some fabulous progressive jackpot chances too.  Bonus features and free games can be won when you play this game. 

The wild spot will get you a chance to substitute other symbols and possible win some money.  So hope for the wild symbol to pop up and win big possibly!  The scatter symbol can appear and if you have three of them show up at once you get that special Spiderman feature.  You can win free games or activate the venom feature during this time. Or the spider web feature even!  What is that feature?  Well you can get substitutes again and win money.  Free games can be won fifteen at a time and your prizes can be doubled during those games!  Heck that is some fabulous news for people who like to win big!

Venom will have you in a fight that you need to save Mary Jane.  Here you will be leading Spiderman through a scene and you will either go the right way or you will end up on a dead end.  If you win, you get a prize.  But you still get a nice prize even if you lose, but it’s not as good as beating Venom! Click to here for more bingo slots

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on January 3, 2010