Melina Bingo PromotionsChristmas specials are all coming to many bingo sites and with Costa Bingo you have penny Christmas specials being offered. A great way to be able to play your favorite online game of bingo and still not spend a ton of money, leaving enough money to buy as many presents as you need to for the holiday. After all they also have a lot of free bingo games offered at Costa Bingo, but this penny bingo offer is fabulous because you have some really nice prizes that you can win, cash is always nice!

This will be going on for a while, plus you have chances to win great vouchers that can be used to buy Christmas presents through these games too. The next five weeks you will be able to play for a penny and win such prizes as 200 pound vouchers to use at Marks and Spencer’s. This game will take place each Sunday and that means that unfortunately you did miss out on one week, but still several more to go before the holiday gets here!

You can get the tickets ahead of time just in case you might be busy when the next Sunday comes up too. After all that is the day before you go back to work and you have plenty of things you might need to get done before Monday. Just go to that tab that says Xmas on Costa and you will be able to buy your tickets now.

Be sure while you’re at Costa Bingo you check out all the other fabulous things they have going on too. There is plenty of inexpensive bingo to play besides this offer. So go and sign up so you can play in this offer from Costa Bingo today.

Can you get paid to play Bingo?

Have you ever thought how nice it would be to be able to play a game you loved and to be paid for doing so? Well that time has now come you can get paid to play bingo at Moon Bingo. That’s right it’s all a new promotion that you can find called Get Paid in Payday Bingo from Moon Bingo.

Christmas is fast approaching and due to this season plenty of bingo sites are becoming quite festive in their promotions. This one is a way that you may be able to win a salary for a month and the total amount that you may be able to take home is 10,000 pounds. The minimum that you will win in this offer is 2,000 pounds and that is still a great deal of money to bring home just for playing some bingo! Each last Friday of each month be ready for a chance to take home a huge payday from Moon Bingo.

Plus there are other chances to win big money at Moon too, like that Treasure Trove game that you can find from them. Here you can win 100 pounds guaranteed and may even be able to add in another 100 pounds to that game. Tickets for that game are a small 10 p each too.

Be sure to check out all the other offers that you can find at Moon Bingo too, because there are plenty of them to play. Not only that but they also have a great prize of a new laptop that you may be able to win in that “The Prize is Right” promotion.

Get over to Moon Bingo today and see how much you might be able to get paid to play your favorite game!

Have your Bills paid by Glorious Bingo

Christmas is so close that it’s nice to know that you might be able to save a bit of money on bills would be nice. So check out Glorious Bingo for that chance to shed the bills for the month and use the money on presents instead! There will be three lucky people who will be able to have one of their monthly bills paid on this site. So whether it’s the gas, electric or water that you can have paid get over to Glorious for that shot.

At the end of the month the three lucky people will be picked to have a bill paid. All you have to do is play the different pattern games that are offered at Glorious Bingo and you may be the one person who has their bills paid. Each time that you play those pattern games and win you will be sent into that drawing. So the more times that you play the more chances you are going to have to win your bills being paid.

Since you have until the end of the month to get into the drawing play as much as you can head over now and find a way to get the bills paid. A wonderful way to make sure you have that bit of extra money all on Glorious Bingo. So maybe this year you can even buy yourself something special to celebrate!

Be sure to check out all those other promotions that are offered at Glorious Bingo too, by heading to the promotions tab. If you’re not a member though you will need to be a member to play in this and any other offer you find. So be sure to sign up for a shot at getting those bills paid!

Get your Free Cards from Caesars Bingo

Free bingo cards are a great thing and this week at Caesar’s Bingo you can get plenty of them to play your games. After all the holiday season is among us and bingo spots are quite nice in their offers. So why not take advantage of the chance of playing those free cards you get from Caesar’s Bingo.

There is a way that you may be able to get a total of 70 free bingo cards too from Caesar’s Bingo. Just check out that Caesar’s Bingo Race, it’s about ready to end so you won’t get in as many free cards had you started the race at the beginning. But perhaps you can at least get in on the tail end of this shot at Caesar’s Bingo. Taking advantage of this offer will mean that you need to place at least a deposit of 10 pounds on your account. But when you do that you get 20 pounds right back from them, plus you get those free cards, 20 of them.

Use the cards to get more money on your account. Plus up until the 16th if you spend 5 pounds on bingo you are going to get another 10 free cards. So you missed out a few chances of free cards if you’re not a member of this spot yet. But you can still get 10 free bingo cards today if you get over there and sign up and get your money on that account, and then spend 5 pounds on bingo!

You still have a shot at winning a trip to Vegas on Caesar’s Bingo too. So spend at least 10 pounds a day playing any game at Caesar’s Bingo and you can win a chance to go to Vegas on holiday. This is going to go on until November 30th, so get over and get your account today and possibly go to Vegas on holiday on Caesar’s Bingo.

Big Chances in November at Bingo on the Box

That’s right at Bingo on the Box they have one heck of a November planned for their members. Like another person paying the bills for you for a month? That’s right you can have a bill paid by them for you this month. It’s a chance to have one of the utilities picked up by Bingo on The Box, and that is more money in your pocket too.

To get in on this game be ready to play on November 20th and you may have all the utility bills paid by them, well you will get 150 pounds toward those bills and hopefully that will be enough to cover them all! Tickets are going to cost you 1 pound each, but you can get the tickets up to seven days before the game is played, so be ready to play and get the tickets early so you don’t miss out on this chance.

Another offer is a shot to get other wonderful prizes; on November 17th you have that Princey’s Prize game where there will be such gifts as the following offered. Win GHD straighteners, a satellite navigation system or benefit makeup set all by playing in that game.

Also on November 18th you can play in quiz night at Bingo on the Box. Possibly winning a St. Tropez set while playing too if you know enough of the answers. Don’t forget that on every Monday this month you can get the BOGOF bingo offers too from Bingo on the Box. A great way to make that money last longer on your account, and another way is free bingo. Free bingo online can be found each Friday at Bingo on the Box from noon until midnight and you may be able to win some cash in those games too!

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on November 16, 2010