Bingo ExplainedAs you can probably understand by searching around the internet there is another online bingo room open its door day after day, as the growing demand for online bingo games is being met with a growing supply of bingo sites which of course have taken the ratio of a surplus as there just seems to be too much these days. Now this is not necessary bad but what you should understand as a bingo player is that nowadays since you have such a large variety of sites to pick out from it is only reasonable that you should make the very most of it in order to benefit from the offers or the free bonuses or anything else that comes together with the topic in a whole.

First of all you should understand that a large number of the bingo sites online including some of the big names of the industry are part of a bigger family of sites, now this is not bad in any way but on the contrary it’s a benefit for the player as more sites under one umbrella means more players more liquidity and therefore simply bigger pots and bigger bingo jackpots. What you should look out for is not to sign up an account across sites that practically offer the exact same thing and end up losing your bonus points from one site because you have started playing at a different brand. The norm is that although some sites might belong to the same network some times when one site is newer it might offer a higher bonus or even a free bonus. This can be appealing but don’t take it as the sole criteria for making your decision as bonus points, comp points and bonus bucks to take you a long way.

Now as far distinguishing where to play the list of criteria can be long but we can simplify things by underlining the following: First of all make sure you don’t go through the procedure of registering an account with a site that does not accept players from your region. A good sign can be the ending part of the site’s URL. For example it’s only reasonable that if you live in the USA you got no position playing at a site ending in and not .com even if you did follow a link from a site you found on a local search engine of the USA; If you have started asking yourself why since the world wide web is a global sort of thing you probably are a newbie to online bingo as sites offer options to players to maintain accounts in several currencies and most sites ending in only cater the local currency which is the GBP or Sterling as it is also called. The second main reason is that some sites are licensed in jurisdictions that do not allow them to accept players that live in the USA as laws and regulations might not permit it. Now the third and most important reason is that sites offer prizes in their jackpot drawings and these prizes do not ship overseas.

For example, even if a player slipped through and registered on if we won one of the Fiat 500’s that were been given out he couldn’t have that shipped to the US as first of all people drive on the right left hand side in the UK so vehicles have the steering wheel on the right hand side, secondly the car would not ship to the US and even if it did it would probably cist a fortune to get it there. Anyhow most sites nowadays are quite developed and they do pick up your IP address and inform you if you are allowed or not allowed to play bingo games.

Variations of Bingo Bonuses

Sites advertise bonuses ranging from no deposit bingo bonuses, free bingo bonuses, match bonuses, first time deposit bonuses and redeposit bonuses. Some sites put a small asterisk next to the adverts were some sites don’t. Anyhow the important thing to note is that bonuses range from site to site depending on what the marketing policy is at each network or site, you should understand that each and every kind of bonus is different and each site has different terms and conditions for each type of bonus offering it gives away. Now starting from the beginning you should first of all understand that some sites offer NO Deposit Bingo Bonuses, what these are a amounts of free money that are deposited it in to your account after registration which you can use to test trial the games at a certain site; these type of bonuses in most cases will not allow you to cash out any winnings accumulated as they are something like monopoly money.

Nevertheless as we state in the relevant bingo bonus page we recommend you take advantage of the opportunity in order to get a clear idea of what type of games are offered and what the chat support and chat masters are like. If all is good your end you can then make a deposit and claim the so called deposit bonus or match bonus which will allow the amount of your deposit to be multiplied by a coefficient and therefore will add more money in to your account. Now the difference between match bonuses and deposit bonuses might be that one represents a bonus for the first time you make a deposit were the other might represent a bonus that you get for all deposits you make.

Terms might apply to these bonuses for particular online bingo games as you might need to wager an amount of money before you allowed to withdraw any winnings. These kind of terms might apply particularly for some kind of games and might not apply for the actual bingo games but the side games which tend to pay more money as slot games always have bigger jackpots because that’s their nature. The asterisk mentioned above refers to what has said above but also applies to how many times you can claim a bonus or how much is the ceiling of deposit amount before you can claim a match or deposit bonus.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on September 3, 2010