When you are looking for bargain online bingo games, one of the better places to play at is Costa Bingo. With a ton of free play games that have you getting wins that show you real money. They do have many real play games too that will offer you even larger winnings. When you join up you will be able to play a ton of free games and again win some real cash to place into your account. All you need to do is join and add some money to your account and you get a ton of benefits.

Plus they have been looking into adding some really great side games to the already bursting choices that you have. You can play those side games while playing a bingo game and chatting. Or even in the intervals between the games, they are a fabulous way to earn extra money, bonus points, or prizes!

For the side games they already offer at Costa players have won more than 150,000 GBP from them. Just think you could be part of those numbers if you head over and play at Costa Bingo. Play slot games or even those instant games that are offered, they are all a lot of fun.

The money that they give away each day at Costa Bingo can help you fund those other games when you win. Be careful because sometimes money can seem to go rather quickly. But that is why Costa has those free rooms too for the budget minded in the groups!

Play for pay or for free but enjoy those side games too if you so choose. They can add a lot to the overall experience when you play at any online bingo site.

Play Costa Bingo, get £20 Free

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on May 6, 2010