Costa BingoIn a world where online bingo sites are getting ever more audacious and generous with their signup offers, Costa Bingo have gone one step beyond. But first, a little bit of background information about Costa Bingo. Their name sums it up really — the site features a yellow sunshine and blue sky background — it’s a wonderful slice of winter sunshine to liven up the dull November days. The sun shines even brighter when you make your first deposit though. Not only do Costa Bingo give you a 200% free bingo bonus, but you get free entry into the First Time Depositor Freebie game.

This is an excellent incentive to join a Costa Bingo. The game has a guaranteed £20 jackpot, which is up for grabs every 15 minutes. Jackpots run from 10 AM all the way to until 10 PM. This game is entirely exclusive to brand-new Costa Bingo players. If you deposit right now, you get unlimited access to this game for the next 24 hours — absolutely free. With £960 up for grabs throughout the course of each day, signing up at Costa Bingo today means you could be quids in before you spend a penny.

And because Costa Bingo want you to keep on coming back for more, every time you redeposit, you don’t just get an incredible 50% free bingo bonus. You get free entry into the Daily Depositor Reload Freebie. This is another round of free bingo games where a guaranteed £15 jackpot is yours for the taking every 30 minutes. This game is entirely exclusive to all players who have made a redeposit at Costa Bingo. This bingo online room is open 24 hours after you have made a deposit, with a total of £720 for the taking. So, it is time to pack your snorkel, flip-flops and suntan lotion, and to take a bingo holiday at the site where the sun never goes in.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on November 10, 2010