Wink Mania Mini Cooper PromotionThere have been so many different problems with this latest bingo promotion you have to wonder. Will it ever go off? This offer is set to possibly and hopefully happen in another week at Wink Bingo. You have a shot to win on one line 500 pounds, two lines will get you 1,000 GBP, but that full house you can win a shot at that Mini Cooper. Delayed already, but hopefully it will now take place on January 10th at 9pm. So get ready and buy those cards they are 5 GBP each.

Since you have time left you can try and earn those free cards by playing the Mini Mania points at Wink Bingo. You will need to get 500 points to have one free card. But again you have until the 10th now so why not get there and play some time to play. If you log onto Wink Bingo you can see ways that you will be able to earn those Mini Mania points. One example is to play and get five points. Remember that coming up on the 29th you also have a shot at getting your bills paid. Win a total of 12,000 GBP in a 75 ball bingo game that is going on the 29th of January at 9pm. It’s a great offer and the tickets are only 1 pound each. Since you have this extra time in the chance to win that Mini Cooper take advantage of getting those points. Also be sure and mark your calendar for that special going on the 29th. So the days to be at Wink Bingo are everyday!

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This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on January 5, 2010