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Rainbow Bingo running online under the domain name rainbowbingo.com is currently an online bingo portal which lists real money online bingo sites which accept wagers from their members to participate in live bingo games which are run at secure servers. This domain has previously itself been used for the use of a real money site but in 2009 diversified to an online bingo information portal which makes income from referring players to third party websites which it is not directly associated with in terms of interest besides the commissions it receives for the service it provides to referring players. The sites listed are reviewed by editors which receive a salary or a share from the operation of this website and we strive to review sites on a 100% unbiased way by explaining players what they should anticipate to find inside a site after they have signed up to play.

The website does accept advertising options from operators but does review the sites before it accepts to engage in time limited contracts with merchants. As an online bingo portal we do maintain the right to bring down marketing material or other creative material in the case that we receive a complaint from a player that has been mistreated. Complaints are reviewed and if proved to be in favor of the party which has submitted the complaint will be filed and paid advertising or commission based listing can be suspended. In the case that a merchant had been listed under a prepaid campaign and our management agrees to bring a contract to end before its maturity funds that have not yet been depreciated will be returned within 15 business days from our management.

The editors, webmasters and authors of this website are committed to anti-spam policy and therefore make an effort to provide users with both original and useful content which has not been copied by third party websites additionally any information provided for newsletter reasons is the sole intellectual property of rainbowbingo.com and is not in any case sold, rented or to be used by third party websites which may be advertised or exposed under affiliate agreements on the index or pages of rainbowbingo.com.

Editors and authors are submitted wages from rainbowbingo.com for their service of providing up to date day to day content which is used by our head editors as posts for reasons of updating the website and making it easier for new or returning readers and bingo players to find what they need in terms of offers, promotions or bonuses offered at pay to play online bingo websites which are available online. News posts include visit site links or advertising material which is exposed under agreements the management of the website maintain in order to track clicks and visits in order to offer compensation for services appropriately based on traffic delivered and exposure.

This website is designed and updated in compliance with the Google code of conducting friendly SEO websites in order to be able to rank for highly trafficked keywords which users tend to search on extensions of search engines like google.com and yahoo.com. Our management uses a third party SEO agency for the reasons of consulting and maintaining positions. The techniques of how the agency maintains the website in highly trafficked positions are publicly known to the management as exposed on the Google code of conduct of maintaining white hat SEO techniques. The management does not agree with spamming techniques, Black Hat SEO techniques or using third party websites for maintaining outgoing links in the form of hacks which are not made public to the initial owners of third party websites.

The website uses tracking software provided by google.com as a form of tracking visits and categorizing traffic based on demographics, entry keywords, bounce rate and other useful information which our management uses to upgrade the service we offer based o what users tend to look for most. We monitor and update this website based on what we see the users visit most and the tracking software is solely used for reasons of maintaining the services of the website of high quality.

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