Butlers BingoButlers Bingo is going to have you busting at the seams — both of your waistline, and of your wallet. He invites you to take part in a £3360 Midnight Feast Giveaway, taking place at Butler’s Bingo between October 10 and October 19.

To join in, look out for the Midnight Feast Game — follow Astrid the Bingo Gal for all the details. Get a full house in this lipsmacking game, and you will win £3BBz. Cover two lines and the Butler will reward you with £2 BBz. And even if you get one line, the Butler is still perfectly generous — you will get a £1BBz prize.

And he’s certainly in a very generous mood at the moment, that dashing old Butler — although he does look a little bit white and shaky. That’s because he has been petrifying himself readying the Butler’s Bingo Haunted House Game, which will be taking place between October 20 October 24. During this time period, the Butler will give away a total of £3250 — it’s no wonder he looks pale.

If you aren’t a member at Butlers Bingo yet, then you need to be. Although it is a fairly new Internet bingo site, we guarantee you’re going to have, as the Butler puts it, ‘ningo served to you on a silver platter.’

And Butler’s Bingo are still celebrating their launch — register today for your free £10/€12 no deposit bingo bonus, the perfect amount to explore all of the great games he has to offer.

In fact, word has it that the Butler has just introduced a whole new load of slot games to his range — he has been polishing them all night, and it really would be a shame for you to miss them. So get to Butler’s Bingo now to take part in the fun and games, and to meet the Butler and Astrid the Bingo Gal for yourself.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on October 10, 2010