skybingoMany online sites for bingo seem to offer those big chances at money maybe once a week, but most likely once a month. However, at Sky Bingo it’s different, so you should really check it out. Each week six days of that week you will be able to have a chance at the guaranteed jackpot game of 1,000 GBP. While every month you will also get a shot to win 20,000 GBP guaranteed too. But wait the best part about this deal is the ticket prices. That’s right the highest price you will pay for tickets at these chance to win are 10p. You read it right only a little bit of cash to have a chance to win big!

For that chance at 1,000 GBP, you should be at Sky Bingo at 10PM GMT, that’s every night except Wednesdays. That is the day for Big Money Wednesday game. Sky Bingo started these great games only recently in October, and they plan on doing these all the time.

The tickets for that chance will run you 10p per ticket; you can get up to 72 total tickets. Meaning that you will spend only 7.20 GBP and may win 1,000 GBP. Nice averages there! Rooms this game will be played at are the Value 90 Ball and Premium rooms. The breakdown will be for a one line winner they will win 100 pounds, two lines will get 200 pounds, and that full house winner will get 700 GBP. You can pre-buy those tickets to be played each night, so if you plan on being out, get your tickets early and still have a shot to win.

For your monthly chance at 20,000 GBP you will be paying only 2p a ticket. The first Friday of the month at 9:30 PM this game will be held, in the same rooms stated above. The next game is going to be on December 4th. Maximum tickets again will be 72, but at 2p, you will get all 72 by only spending 1.44 GBP. One line winner will be receiving 2,000, two line winners will get 3,000, and for that full house winner they will take in 15,000 GBP.

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This news post was written by Christy Tanner on December 1, 2009