Mecca Bingo MomentsWow this is one of the best promotions that were going on lately.  And now it’s time for the end to come about, with the announcement of those finalists for the Mecca moments have been picked.  You can check out more information on these people and the whole promotion by going to Facebook and checking out the Mecca Bingo page today.  Make sure you place a vote for the person who you think deserves that final prize too.  You have up until December 19th to vote so get over right now and don’t waste any time. 

Vote for the person who you want to win by clicking that like button on that person’s fan page.  To help you out here’s a bit of information on those five people.  But also be sure to check out more information on them on the Facebook page for Mecca too.

  •  Lisa Frame who stated that her Mecca Moment would be having money to go away with her spouse.  Because he’s in the army they had to skip their honeymoon because he left to Afghanistan, and ever since he got back they just can’t afford the getaway.
  • Laura Louise Brine who wanted to be able to join a gym locally to get rid of those tires and also to have the money to get a new look when she got that new body from the exercise!
  • David Roberts his Mecca moment is to be able to buy the biggest ring out there to ask his girlfriend to marry him.  He thinks that this will be able to show her just how much he really cares about her.
  • Many Webb her Mecca Moment is to be able to get a deposit to place on a flat, not for her but for her 3 children to get them out of the home, because they hog her laptop and give her less time to play Mecca Bingo.  Or well just enough money to be able to buy another laptop for all of them so they wouldn’t fit over the one they have!
  • Catherine Pope who’s Mecca Moment is to be able to have Madonna come to her 40th birthday and sing to her.  She simply loves the star and would love to have that as her moment.

The person who gets the most votes is going to be able to have 2,000 pounds to make their moment come true.  Pick the one you think deserves it and get to voting now!

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on December 15, 2010