Wink Bingo GamesForget news about the royal wedding, Wink Bingo have got even more bigger, even more exciting news. It’s their third annual Mini Cooper giveaway — your chance to win a brand-new car.

This game will be particularly important to you if you’re driving around in a rattling old diesel, or a rust bucket that doesn’t start on these cold winter mornings. Imagine slipping into a brand-new, luxurious Mini Cooper, speeding away and leaving all the other cars standing at the lights, courtesy of your very favourite Wink Bingo. Bliss!

You can start to buy tickets right now at Wink Bingo, or you can earn free bingo cards into the game. For every 500 points you earn, you will get card. And in true Wink Bingo style, there are loads of different ways to win.

For instance, if you send a picture to Wink Bingo, showing them why you need to win the Mini, you earn 100 points. Tell Wink on Facebook why you should win the Mini to earn 50 points.

Wink Bingo will also reward you for wagering on 75 and 90 ball bingo plus their huge variety of instant games. There’s no better place to play bingo online.

The game takes place at Wink Bingo on New Year’s Day at 8 PM — be sure to mark it in your diary. However, if the game ends up with more than one winner, the finalists will go into a bingo play-off game. How exciting!

So — look out of the window — if you have no car at all, or your current car is an embarrassment, then you need to join in this game. Register at Wink Bingo today for your free bingo bonus, and to Spin the Wheel, where you could win anywhere up to £1000.

This news post was written by Christy Tanner on November 26, 2010