foxy-bingoWhat better chance to play and enjoy a countdown to the year of 2010 than heading over to Foxy Bingo. That’s right for these final days of 2009 you will enjoy some great chances here at Foxy Bingo. But you only have one day if you’re reading this now. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go to their site. Enjoy the chance to get 100% bonus on your deposits up to 100 GBP that is only if you’re already a member of their VIP program. But they still have some great offers for those people who are new to their site.

You as a new person can still get 100% match on your first deposit so get on and sign up for your own Foxy Bingo account today. They have each hour an offer to play for 100 GBP and you have one more day to enjoy that too. 10 am in the morning today until 10 tonight you can play at Foxy Bingo. Anyone can do this not just you VIP members though!

Also check out that eyes down room to play some free bingo at this site too. You can win money for those free games and that will be in the amount of 100 GBP that you can win too! It will go through midnight on New Year’s Eve so head on over right now and get some free bingo games in for cash prizes. This is the second site that we have focused on that will be offering some fabulous free bingo games to their members on this day. So why not play for free and win some money? It’s all what a great celebration of the New Year can be about!

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on December 31, 2009