Sing BingoA lot of bingo sites have loyalty programs that if you play more often you’ll be able to earn more free bingo or other rewards. The more loyal you are to the Sing Bingo site the more free bingo you’ll get from them and well free bingo is always a fantastic thing, because you can play without paying a penny and still win real cash to add to your account.

At Sing Bingo you’ll find six different free rooms to play bingo in and well that’s plenty when you are loyal or if you’re a new member too. Head to that room and check out the free games when you first join to decide whether this is a spot that you’d want to play more often at. You will have to make a deposit first though to get into those rooms, but the jackpots in the free games will range from 1 pound all the way up to 50 pounds. Not a bad deal at all for not paying a dime for the tickets in those games.

Oh and by the way on the first deposit that you place on your account at Sing Bingo you’re going to get a wonderful 350 percent match. That’s a lot of free money for very little coming out of your pocket. For those people who are loyal though, not only do you get those free bingo games, but you also earn 50 percent on your reload deposits too!

So be sure to check out Sing Bingo and all their promotions by jumping over there right now. Don’t forget that you have a chance for quite a bit of money when you play those free games at this fabulous site.

A bunch of Penny Bingo for you

If you love those cheaper games where you can still win money, well check out the Penny Bingo games you can find at Sky Bingo. Right now you have a bunch of games that can be found, and this is one sure way to make sure that you save up for those Christmas presents and are still able to play your bingo that you love. Just get to that Pennies Room at Sky Bingo for the games and you can find it each day from 9 in the morning until midnight each day. This is one sure way to possibly switch the money in your account from very little to a lot, because there is real cash that will be up for grabs in that room with these games.

The games you can find in this room will only cost you either 1 p per ticket or 2 p per ticket. And each week there will be a total of more than 10,000 pounds that will be won in this room via these games. Plus the game at 9 each night will have a prize of 100 pounds that you may just win! So talk about a nice investment to try and to win big!

Of course you have free bingo games that you can find at Sky Bingo too, and you can win money from those games too. There are going to be prizes that will be worth 50 pounds that you can find in those free bingo games located in the Value room each night of the week too.

Even the penny room will have some free bingo offered that you should check out as well. So look at the schedule to make sure you find your way to the right room for the free bingo games. Or play some of that cheap bingo online as well.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on November 30, 2010