At Zoom Bingo when you first sign up for an account you get 10 GBP to play, and you won’t need to place any money on that account to get it either. You also have a shot at playing free games each day of the week as a member of Zoom Bingo and play for real money.

Playing as just a member of this site is possible, so your ten that you get for free can last you quite a long time! In those free games you can get up to 12 total tickets. But there is more to Zoom Bingo then just these things.

See on each Thursday and Friday you will find a tourney that takes place. You will be playing for a total pot of 100 GBP too. All you need to do is play and come in the top 3 people who have spent money on bingo during the week.

Even more offers for those people who love to play slot games instead. They have extra cash that they plan on giving away for those top 5 people who spend the most money on certain slot games that you can find only at Zoom Bingo.

Come in first and you will get 100 GBP, while second place will pull in 75 GBP, third will get 50 GBP, and fourth will have 25 GBP in their account. Finally that fifth place person will earn 10 GBP.

Want to find out about all the other offers that you can find at Zoom Bingo just head over right now. All you need to know can be found under that promotions tab. So get over right now and get that free money in your account and enjoy those free bingo games too!

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on July 21, 2010