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Free UK Bingo has revolutionised this industry. In the past it was possible to get free bonuses and the occasional free bingo game, but in 2009 a site called Cheeky Bingo launched and this was the first 24/7 free UK bingo site. This free bingo model was actually the brainchild of the MD of a large online bingo company called Cashcade. They have a finger in the many online bingo pies; Foxy Bingo, Foxy Zero and Foxy Flutter to name a few. It was the first time that free games of bingo with real cash prizes became available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It didn’t matter if the prizes were only a pound or a fiver it was free!

This presented a valuable opportunity for online bingo players to go from rags to riches by working the system. Bear in mind that to work the system properly you actually need to be a real money player of an online bingo site.

So you join, you make the minimum deposit amount of £10 and this qualifies you as a pay for play member! You spend this tenner and this qualifies you to receive a first deposit bonus which is anything from 100% to 300%, so you have another £10, £20 or £30 to play with and this offers plenty of opportunities to win. However you are making a meal of the free bingo games and you get one line here, two lines there and the odd full house too. This is real money which goes into your account (although some sites will only credit you bonus funds – watch out for this).

The concept is that you can use the free UK bingo money you win, to play in real money games with much larger prizes on offer. You do this without having to reload your account with your own hard earned cash. In the mean time if you play in some of the 1p,2p or 5p games at the site, you are still winning real money prizes. The more free bingo money you can earn to bankroll yourself, the less you need to spend. Turning pennies into pounds is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to play.

Free UK bingo has grown in popularity, out of all proportion. There are ways and means of going about it and this is how both sites and members enjoy a win-win situation. There are some very genuine opportunities available not only to win a pound at a time, to win hundreds or even thousands of pounds!

Bingo is one of the best of British games, and with the revitalization of its popularity through online bingo, this game has taken on a new identity. We see advertisements everywhere and they say “Play Bingo For Free”, can this possibly be true?

The answer to this question is a resounding YES! You can play bingo for free and it is one of the many innovations to come out of the British bingo industry. Other innovations include bingo games which have been combined with other format games to offer unique concepts such as Bingo Roulette, Price is Right and Deal or No Deal Bingo. 50 ball bingo, Joker Jackpot Bingo, speed bingo (30 ball) and what about Boardroom Bingo? The possibilities are endless!

The British people are bingo mad and this is a good thing for them because they are the ones winning all the prizes. Never cock a snoot at bingo, this game has made more than one millionaire that I know of.

Playing bingo for free may not make you a millionaire but it can get you started on the right road to millions. If you can think of a better way of turning nothing into money, we welcome your input. Play for free to build a bankroll and you can only do this online.

The concept is much like Chris Moneymaker – the poker player. He isn’t called “Moneymaker” for nothing. He played free poker, built a bankroll of $39 and started entering freeroll tournaments. Eventually $2.59 million down the line, he won the WSOP and was the first online poker player to ever do this.

So, as I said, you build a bankroll by playing bingo for free. You have to be a pay for play member of a site, so choose carefully, loyalty is a huge factor for success, it concentrates your efforts! Deposit a tenner and start playing the free games on offer, as many of these as you can. As bingo is a numbers game, there has to be a point where you start winning, so just keep growing your free bingo bankroll.

Use the money you have won to play in games with bigger and better prizes, perhaps even massive PJP slots games because this is where the very big money is to be found. But play bingo for free, it is all there for the taking and who in their right mind would pass up on an opportunity like this?

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