Posh Bingo PromotionsIf you’re like most people in this world you love to get things for free. If you also love to play a lot of free bingo games, you need to head over to Posh Bingo and enjoy the freebies they hand out each day of the week. It’s all part of their Daily Dosh games and there is real money that you can earn by playing these free bingo games too. There is 50 pounds that will be up for grab in these games and you will be able to find them each day beginning at 8:30 in the morning and lasting until 8:30 at night. The games can be found in the aptly named Freebies Room.

It’s coming to the end of September and that means that a lot of places are bringing in the Halloween offers. Yes it’s almost that time of the year already; soon it will be Thanksgiving and then Christmas. Time flies and when you have fun it goes even quicker. By playing at the right bingo spot like Posh Bingo you can make that time fly.

For October you already have a few offers to look forward too at Posh Bingo too. Like that Jetsetter chance that is coming up on October 24th, up for grabs in this promotion are vouchers for a holiday worth 2,500 GBP. Also on October 16th there is another 10,000 GBP that you may be able to win. Or what about that Freaky 3K that will be coming up on the last day of October? It’s all at Posh Bingo and that’s a lot of chances to win.

That last bingo game has a nice twist to it too. Because it will be the person who hits for 1 line that will get most of the prize, coming away with 1,500 GBP. While the 2 line winner will be getting 750 GBP, and the full house winner will take away 450 GBP. Plus in that game there will even be prizes for people who come within 1 or 2 numbers of winning!

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on September 28, 2010