Gala BingoIt’s really a big part of the bingo world. Charities seem to almost go hand in hand with this industry. That’s because there are so many fabulous sites that will give a lot of money to different charities each year. Last year Gala Bingo raised a huge 1 million pounds for Sue Ryder Care Cancer. And this year they plan on doing it again, in fact they are looking to bypass the old amount and hand over an extra 500,000 GBP to that charity. So how do they do this?

Simple enough they have several special games in which the money raised will go to a charity of their choice. Gala Bingo supports Sue Ryder Care cancer society. There are several other locations that hand over a lot of money to other charities as well. Just recently they had a charity match in which they played the team of Mecca Bingo to help raise more money for charity.

Another fantastic event just took place that allowed them to earn even more money for this charity too. It was when 11 different Gala Bingo employees took a bike ride from London to Cambridge. It’s a long 60 miles and that isn’t a piece of cake for anyone to do, unless they are a professional. It’s sure that this group was one that was very tired after that trek. But it helped to raise money and that’s what they wanted to do.

Adding in another 5,000 GBP to the charity earnings that they will be handing off at the end of the year. A great thing and one that will have those 11 employees as a big part of the extra money that is earned this year. A big hands up and lots of cheering to this fantastic site for focusing so much on their charity offerings.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on September 29, 2010