Game Village Bingo is a great online site and they seem to offer a great community too. Perhaps that is why the name Game Village suites them so well. But you need to earn that title of Villager. You can get the title after you’ve made three total deposits on your account at Game village. With this title you get many benefits, one of which is your own house in the village.

This April is a great month in Game Village land, because they have some special games that are being offered. The 50 GBP game of the day is one of the bonus offers that are going on. With the top game of the day offer you can earn the prize, but you also get 50 more for a bingo bonus. When more than one person wins on this deal the 50 GBP will be split up among the winners. But you have to be a homeowner or a villager to take part in this game. Just one of the benefits you get by being a owner of a home at Game Village!

Sending a friend to GameVillage will get you extra money too. You can get 25 GBP normally, but in April you get an extra 10 pounds for that referral. Your friend will need to make a deposit for you to earn this reward.

The Slots are offering some really great prizes this month too. 100 GBP will be given away each day on the slot games at Game Village. Each day 10 people who play those slot games will be picked to get 10 pounds each!

You even have a lot of free games to play when you head to Chip Van room at Game Village. From 6 pm until 7 pm there will be 10 pounds up to win. Become a villager today by making three deposits at Game Village, and be a homeowner and get special rewards!

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This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on April 22, 2010