posh057Sure Posh Bingo has a lot of great offers, and this is another of those ones. It’s a makeover that is worth 2,000 GBP that you could win, but only from Posh Bingo. They are the posh site around and for that reason they try to help you stay posh and in style too! With this new and latest offer at Posh Bingo you have a fabulous chance to get the best makeover ever! It’s not a makeover for you, but for your home!

Did we have you fooled there for a bit? Probably not if you are an online bingo player, you most likely are up on all of these promotions. But for someone who isn’t a member of Posh bingo they may not know what is up. This is a chance that is fast approaching; it will take place on August 1st at 9:45 pm and will be a shot to win vouchers that will be worth 2,000 GBP to use in getting your home up to date.

Imagine the different things that you could do in your home with all that money? Whether it’s something to do with the kitchen or even another area in your home. There are plenty of changes that can be bought with that much money to work with! Remember that it is coming up very soon because the days are flying past until August 1st is here. Plus remember that they even have a consultation that will be given away with an interior designer. So if you just have no clue where to start with those changes in your home, this may work great for you.

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This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on June 24, 2010