Polo Bingo PromotionsPutting the financial crisis in mind you might have been considering in switching to a lower cubic capacity vehicle lately and polobingo.com is just spot on with a Volkswagen Polo up for grabs making the online bingo fun just expand to the very next level. We’ve been seeing lots of promos lately from sites tossing out vehicles as 123bingoonline.com is giving out a Mini Cooper Bingo Promotion and Cyber Bingo was just lately giving out a Ford Escape. Well any how if you love cars you can win one by playing at Polo Bingo but please note that this promo is not open for US players so if you do live in the US you might want to chase up the Mini Cooper promo at 123 bingo instead.

At Polo Bingo they have this fabulous offer and it’s a free entry even. You can play for a chance to win a Polo car and pay nothing for that shot! Not only that but there are another 800 GBP worth of prizes that are planned to be handed out in this offer. You will need to be a member of this online bingo site to play though, but remember that this chance is something that will cost you no money at all.

Not only that the extra money that is set to be given away in this offer is going to be split up like this! Those players who come within one number of a win will be splitting 500 GBP. While those players who have two numbers to go will split 300 GBP.

Sign up before the deadline of September 26th to play in this offer. You will have a wonderful match and you will have plenty of choices of games to play. Signing up will get you a couple of cards free too and even some money. To see more about this offer and many others that are currently going on at Polo Bingo you only need to head over there right now. Once you get into the lobby head over to the page that says promotions. There you will learn all you need to know about winning a free POLO and so much more! Don’t hesitate too long though, because there are some promotions you might miss out on if you don’t head over today.

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This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on July 16, 2010