Mecca Bingo PromotionsIt’s always nice to get more money than what you would normally get from an online bingo site. Well right now you have the deposit bonus days that are coming back again to Mecca Bingo. A shot for you to only place money on your account and earn some free money. It’s only going to happen on August 20th. So hopefully you read this early enough to be able to get your 50 percent bonus on that deposit.

There is a minimum deposit that will be required to earn this bonus. That will be in the amount of 10 GBP. The bonus will only be matched up to 50 GBP though. But this will also only be allowed for those first deposits that are made on your account. So well they may have a few restrictions that will knock out a few people from earning more money. But still if you’re not a member of this spot yet, well get over there right now.

Be sure to get ready to play on Sunday August 22nd for that wonderful 10,000 GBP that they will be giving away too. Mecca Bingo has many other offers that are currently going on at their site and you can easily look at them all. It’s as easy as clicking the site and opening it, look for that tab that states promotions.

Once you are in the promotions tab you can learn all you need to know. How to earn extra money by referring people. Or how to get your bonus money on deposits you place on that account. Plus the many fabulous daily and other promotions that go on all the time at Mecca Bingo. Head over today and see why many people pick this as the place they play online bingo at!

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on August 20, 2010