It’s always nice to find out about a new way to get more money on your account. Because most of the time they will be a way that you will not need to do very much at all. Like the way to get money for referring a friend to X bingo. If they join this spot and place a deposit you will also get 10 pounds from the site.

That’s right most sites do offer you a way that if you refer people over to them, you will get a bit of cash. It is just a way that they say thanks a lot for sending over yet another person to enjoy our fabulous offers. Do they need to pay you? Not at all but the nice thing is that they do, and it will normally be a pretty decent amount of money that you can use to play those games you love so much at the spot.

X Bingo has fast become one of the hottest spots to play out there, and it would be hard to imagine that someone is still not a member. However, you may know one person who has failed to join this spot yet. A simple request from you could be all it will take to have them come over and sign up for an account.

So when one of those people who you know would love to play at this spot joins, and places a deposit on the account you will also be able to enjoy a bit of money by earning that 10 pounds. You can invite as many people as you want, there has been no limit set to the amount of times you can earn that money for sending a new person to this spot.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on September 19, 2011