Littlewoods Bingo PromotionsIf you want to win a vacation and want to have it handed to you the place to be is Littlewoods Bingo. They have these fabulous Thursday offers that are a way for one lucky person to win a vacation in some of the best spots they would pick to head to themselves! Some of the locations are ones that you may love to head to, but wouldn’t be able to afford either. But when you play at Littlewoods Bingo you have a shot to win a vacation for free!

But this is something that will only take place on Thursday nights. So you might have missed last night’s offer that took place at 7 pm. But you have the following Thursday that will be coming up in just a few days! A week can go by rather quickly, so think about buying those tickets ahead of time.

You will need to be a member of this online bingo site to play in this offer. But you get a fantastic first bonus of 200 percent when you place at least 10 pounds on your account. A great deal and a way to have a lot of extra money on your account!

Last night was the chance to win a trip to Malta, but coming up in one week you have another shot to win. That’s right each Thursday of this month they have this offer, so not only do you have the 22nd but you can play for a chance at a vacation on the 29th too!

The holidays that will be given away are a trip to Monaco on the 22nd and on the 29th you will be playing for a getaway to Las Vegas.

Something that you could win and really enjoy! Not that all prizes or money that you win can’t be enjoyed, but a getaway to somewhere fabulous is something that is great. So be sure to get there for this chance each Thursday. Also be sure to stay around after that game and play for some nice jackpot games that will give you a bunch of spending money!

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This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on July 16, 2010