300x250-Fiesta-FiestaThat’s right it won’t be much longer and there is going to be yet another choice for you online bingo players. The new sites seem to be coming quickly, and yes another new site named Butlers Bingo is fast approaching. It shouldn’t be much longer either, the estimate is that by the end of this month, yes June, that Butler Bingo will be having their launch! So not picking to operate on those old standby software choices that you see around all over the net. You won’t see a site like any other well perhaps that is though they are using Microgaming, so it has been seen before. But it’s not like Dragonfish software, the choice that many of the newest of the new sites have seemed to be sticking with. If you can’t think of where you’ve seen Microgaming software before, think back to places like Bingo on the Box, or even Dream Bingo! The reason why they want this software is they feel it’s quite a bit more flexible for their choices they want to host games and other things. This is true this type of platform will be one that will be quite a bit more flexible and hopefully be just what they need to offer you online players something a bit more unique!

If you head over to the domain at present ButtlerBingo.com, you won’t see a thing, so don’t worry about going over. However, it’s sure that the owner of this site, one David Butler, will have it all in order by the time frame that has been set up. Planning to bring the best offer of online bingo games to you, on a silver platter. There is nothing to be said for what they plan to offer either for those bonus offers and great start up promotions. But as with many new online sites they could be offering something great. For that reason alone this is one site that is being anticipated greatly to open. One of the things though that is well known is that they will plan to have those offers of no deposit bingo set up on this new site.

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on June 22, 2010