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When you are able to commit and make a deposit of £10 and £150 during the month of June, Virgin is going to get you set up, enter you in a contest to win up to 75% more than what you started with! But that isn’t for everyone, you will have to show the staff at Virgin Bingo that you are there to stay, play and win. Deposit your first game set, play see how it goes, and watch as the winnings roll in. Once you have done this your registration will show the credit.

Virgin Bingo wants you to keep in mind that anytime you are dealing with a game involving money that this is a gamble. We want to be sure you bet with your head and not over it. If you have the money to play bargain games are offered though for your fun at Virgin bingo too!

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This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on June 3, 2010