If you haven’t heard about the Joy pot yet, sit down before you read. It’s a fabulous offer that is being brought to you this year. But you are only going to have four chances to play this bingo game. It’s offered of four of the best online bingo sites you can find and is just by far a great promotion. Giving you a shot of 100,000 GBP on each of those four tries, it could easily be something that will change the life of the person who wins the prize!

The four sites you will need to watch include Posh Bingo, Wink, RedBus Bingo and Tasty Bingo. You will never hear enough about Joy pot until the final game is played. To remind you to play in one of these four chances is something that needs to be done. You will need to be ready to play when it comes around, and the tickets though a bit higher than other games, at 2 pounds each, are well worth it.

But there are times when you can earn free tickets too, and that is where Posh Bingo comes in currently. They will be giving away a few of these tickets that will have you playing in that first game that will take place. It’s really soon, coming up on June 25th at 9 pm and will be played at Tasty Bingo. It is guaranteed that at least 25,000 GBP will be won. It’s going to be a 75 ball online bingo game and even those players who have 1TG will be sharing in some money too!

Earning those Pot points will have you getting free tickets for these games when they are offered. So play at any of those four places above to earn those points. You get 500 points and you will get one free ticket. You can also send an email to Posh Bingo and tell them what your joy pot would be and you may be able to earn an extra 20 points! Plus if you play the pot of gold patter you can earn points if you hit a bingo or even if you hit on the number 25!

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on June 17, 2010