Scholarly Gone Bingo have gone all Back to School. This is your chance to go straight to the top of the class as teacher’s pet, with some seriously hefty deposit bonuses this month. Deposit between $20 and $49 at Gone Bingo to receive an incredible 325% bonus. Deposit between $50 and $75, and teacher will reward you with a 375% bonus. And if you really want to be teacher’s pet, deposit $100 or more, and Gone Bingo will reward you with a $450 online bingo bonus.

Who said that going back to school sucked?

And if you just love to bingo on the 75 ball patterns, you are going to love this — Gone Bingo are running a Back to School tourney. This is your opportunity to pick up $15 in bonus points. Bingo on the smart school tie pattern, schoolbus pattern or the school bag pattern and watch yourself climb up the leaderboard.

There are also some large amount of dollars to be collected at Gone Bingo. Look out for up to $100 in fixed the pots every day between 8 AM and 10 PM. There’s a $2000 coverall every day between 10 PM and 1 AM and Gone Bingo treat the whole class to 12 hours of buy one get one free bingo every day between 12 AM and 12 PM.

If only our school days could have been so much fun!

And the headteacher has a special reward for you when you sign up at Gone Bingo. Open your account today for a $20 welcome bonus, no deposit required. When you DO deposit, Gone Bingo will reward you with a further 300% deposit match. And then, each time you deposit after that, you stand to receive up to 350% in bonuses.

So, are you ready for your first day at school? Have you got your packed lunch, new pencil case and new pack of daubers? Because we can hear the school bell ringing — and that means only one thing. Get to Gone Bingo now to begin your lesson in the world’s best bingo.

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This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on August 18, 2010