So if you want to play some crazy bingo head on over and check out Gone Bingo. No not a game that is called crazy, but they have some simply crazy offers that you should check out. Why not some of that 80 ball bingo and many of the other tournaments offers that are going on right now at Gone Bingo only. With a double patter you can double your win too! This month they plan on giving away more than 5,000 GBP in prizes and cash both. There are many ways that you can find to win money when you head over to play at Gone Bingo. Whether it be by using those bonus words to celebrate some Shakespeare, or by playing in the slots tourney. The choice is yours but you have so many fabulous ways it is almost like a month of craziness, or perhaps April Fools!

All month long they will be offering these fabulous promotions so get there before it’s too late and they have gotten their collective minds back. The whole month you will find the offer of 90 ball special, where when you win on a single line, you will actually be winning the full house prize. What a deal, and one that you really shouldn’t take a chance at missing. If you are the first person who calls bingo you can win all that money, it is something that is really a great way to bring in the money!

Also find an offer at the 80 ball special too. You can get a bunch of free tickets this month when you play. Not only do you get free bingo tickets when you sign up, but if you play in that 80 ball room you can come out with even more tickets for free. Of course we can’t forget the double your pattern, double your win offer. Offered to you in the 75 ball special you will love this game. The second bingo you get in a day when it is the “A” patter you will get double the amount for your win. That’s right double the amount, plus if you hit for a third time on that pattern in one day, you can get 5 times the amount of the prize. See simply crazy and you can go right along with them!

This news post was written by Tracey Trevors on April 13, 2010